1964 Corvette


This Corvette has just been completed after a one year restoration in our shop.
The restoration includes new silver paint over a perfect body that has Never had any body damage.
The 250 HP motor has matching numbers and was completely rebuilt including hardened valve seats for use with unleaded gas.
The automatic transmission has also been rebuilt  as well as the front suspension  and rear axle bearings. The frame has NO rust and has never had any.
 The interior has new seat covers and carpet, and the door panels are original. The headliner is like new and the plastic trim pieces have no cracks.The dash pads are soft and have no cracks. Everything on this car works like new except for the clock. The speedometer has been rebuilt and all of the gauges are like new.
The air conditioner has been changed from R-12 to R-134 and works perfectly having also been rebuilt.
This car has new tires, a new radiator, new heater core, new battery, new gas door, new emblems, and a new windshield.
The bumpers are the original ones and have been re chromed. they are not the replacements that only look like bumpers but don`t fit.
This car does not have ignition shielding, and the air cleaner top should be replaced. The mileage is not correct, but that was what was on the speedometer

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