How I made the aluminum castings





I began by beating the rough shape into a sheet of aluminum.

I continued refining the shape and cut off the excess metal with shears.

This is the raw casting from the foundry.


After sanding with 80,220,400,and 1,000 grit sandpaper, the casting was polished on the buffer.


After making the blisters for the suspension, I decided to make a piece for the rear axle.

The area where the axle exited the body looked pretty ragged, so I used some fiberglass and Bondo to make a mold for casting the pieces I needed.

I first put masking tape on the axle and body, and then coated everything with Elmer`s glue. It makes a great release agent. Then I put fiberglass on the body and axle as a reinforcement and put Bondo over that.

I then sanded the bondo into the shape I wanted.

This is what I sent to the foundry.

This is one of the finished pieces

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