April 2010


I finally decided to install the front shocks. They are friction shocks that I bought from Speedway Motors a few years ago. I`ve put off installing them because the arms were too short.

In the above picture, the arm supplied with the shock was only about half as long as I needed. I made a pattern and took it to the guys at Jones Metal works here in Greensboro, and they used their plasma cutter to make the new pieces.

I had thought about leaving the fuel filler cap on the tank, but it was in the way so I removed it and was able to test fit the shock in the hole.

After removing the upper half of the body, I drilled holes and bolted the shocks to the 1/4" plate that the master cylinder is mounted to. After cutting a slot in the left side of the body, I re-installed the top of the body and attached the links to the spring shackles. These are temporary, I haven`t made any that look good enough yet.

and here they are installed.

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