December 2009




     I`ve finally got the car on it`s feet (tires) and things are getting completed at last. I have finished five tasks since the last update in November. They are a new insturment panel, modifing the seat,replacing the rear radius rods, making plugs for the headers, and covering the headrest.

     The first thing I did was to replace the rear radius rods with old wishbones. Steve had some left over from an old project and after Bill Hampton dropped by one day and suggested it would be more in keeping with period style of the car, I decided to do it. To make them fit, they had to be cut to the right length, and the mounting brackets had to be heated with a torch to get the correct angle to mount them to the rear axle housing. This is what the old setup looked like,


and this was how it looked when I first installed them.

But they still needed something more, so here`s what I did.

First I found some different sized pipe and drilled some holes using our milling machine. I didn`t drill them all at the same time to keep from warping the rods when the pipe was welded in.

The excess pipe was cut off, and welded.


After the pipes were welded in, the welds were ground flush with the surface.

Then the rods were coated with body filler and sanded smooth.

And this is the final result.