December 2010




Here are a couple of ideas for painting the body. Nothing has been decided as of yet, and I`m still open to suggestions.



Well, it`s late December and I`m working on the body and getting it ready to paint. As anyone who has ever done body work knows, it takes a long time to get something ready for paint and this tank really needed some work after being knocked around for at least 60 years. It had become pretty beat up and after all of the things I`d done to it, it really needed help. After priming it for the first time. it needed a little body filler to straighten out some of the dents.



Here`s the same section before bodywork,



and after being primed for the first time.




In the pictures it looks like there`s a lot of filler used, but actually it`s just a thin layer to fill the pits and welds.



While the top of the tank is getting painted, I`m going to take care of some other things that need to be done. One of those was to add an air pressure tank and shut off valve to the fuel system. I willl also add a fuel pressure regulator to the system. These old carburetors won`t tolerate much fuel pressure (1 1/2 to 2 1/2 PSI) even with the new style needle and seats. With this type of fuel system, the tank has pressure supplied by a hand pump. If the gas tank is completely full, there would be no reserve air volume to supply pressure to push the fuel out of the tank into the carburetors. By adding the new tank, there is now enough air volume. The copper line in the picture is from the pump and will be replaced with steel line.







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