August 20, 2011






After almost six years, I`ve finally finished the car. I had a deadline of August 20, because of a photo shoot that was to be done then. We have been working seven days a week to finish everything, and I could not have done it without my brothers help. We also wanted to build a vintage style trailer to haul the car on. Here are a few pictures of what we`ve been up to for the last few weeks.



                                                           This picture shows the lower front intake for the engine cooling.                                                                  This is the rear lower vent.






                                                       In this picture, Bill Hampton is pinstriping some letters.                                 Here you see Richard Beggs, Bill Hampton, and Steve McCain taking turns lettering

                                                                                                                                                                          the car.



                                            This is the car loaded on the trailer this morning about 7:00 am just before we left for the airport. The paint was still wet on the trailer.



Here you see the Met Life blimp in the background. It is in the area for the Wyndham golf tournament this week at the Sedgefield Country Club.




Well, that`s it for now. It`s time to start something new. Keep watching for the next project.


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