The Fuel System


I needed a fuel tank, and I already had an aluminum one that looked like it would work, but it wouldn`t go in the only place left to put it. I needed to make something that would fit in the space I had.

I first had to see how much room I really had to work with. I found the baffle that I had removed from the tank when it was cut in half, and I made the rear one out of plywood. I could now see exactly how much room I had to work with.

I used white foam board, the kind you can buy at Office Depot, and made mock-up of the tank. After I was sure it would fit, I began to make the pieces of the tank.

After tack welding the pieces together I talked Steve into welding it for me. Much to our suprise, when we pressure tested it, it didn`t leak.

After welding tabs on it. It was mounted on the transmission and is now ready for the fuel lines to be made.

Because I`m not using a mechanical or electric fuel pump, I`ll use a hand pressure pump.