Goodguys Charlotte NC  2012




I took the car to the Goodguys meet at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. I wasn`t sure if it would really fit in because it wasn`t a custom car, hot rod or a `32 Ford, and I wasn`t expecting to win anything. I had just planned to go for just one day which was Saturday. For most of the day I enjoyed talking to many people and quite a few who had been to Bonneville and even a couple of guys who raced cars there. As the day went on, some of the officials with Goodguys started coming by and later the day I was told that I had won a Builders Choice award.

Here`s  a picture of my fat ass standing in front of the car.

This ment I had to come back for the award in Sunday. Well, I live about 100 miles from the speedway so I had to load the car on the trailer, take it to the shop, Sunday 5:00 AM back to the shop, trailer has broken the welds that hold the right fender on, get out the welder, fix trailer, start the car to make sure it`ll start when I get there, out of gas. Add Gas, check oil, add antifreeze ( lost some due to me forgetting to turn on the radiator fan) notice some screws are missing from the wheel covers, find screws in tool box, cut off screws (too long) screws won`t start (wrong threads) find right screws, cut off install screws. Try to pull trailer out of shop, can`t clear the door (too much of an angle to drive out, Un-hook trailer from truck, wrestle the trailer around in the shop until I can pull it out, hook back up to truck, pull out of shop, get out of truck, lock shop, get back in the truck and I`m finally ready to go. Truck needs gas. Buy gas on my way out of town. Now I`m on my way. It`s misting rain and the road between Greensboro and Charlotte has some really bad areas especially in the construction zone where the new bridge over the Yadkin River is being built. Thats what broke the trailer and shook the screws out of the wheel covers. This was really the first time I had taken the car any distance, so I guess you could call it a shake down trip. I arrived at the speedway around 7:00AM unloaded the car and drove it into the speedway thru the tunnel and onto pit road. This time I turned on the radiator fan and the motor stayed about 180 degrees. Steve drove his Woody and all of our supplies were in there so after wh had everything set up, I was ready for a nap. The weather cleared around 10:00AM and the sun came out. I enjoyed the rest of the day and waited for the awards to be given out.

Here I am in line, I had to take the canopy off so I could get the award.

And it`s my turn!

Well, the car didn`t over heat and started every time, that would`ve been embarrassing if I had to push it to get the award.


I slept very well that night.It was worth all the effort.