January 2011



The top of the tank is finally ready for paint, and I re- installed it on the car to make sure the tank I added to the fuel system would not hit the body. I also checked all of the openings on the lower section again for clearence of the front spring and steering rods. Now I`ve removed the bottom half of the body and I have quite a lot of things to do to it. The openings I`ve cut in it needed to have a 1/4" rod welded around them for support.



I will also install the rear vent and louvered panels for cooling. To do this I had to cut out a large section of the lower body half. The panel will be welded in and then the other side will be installed.






Now that the shell is off the chassis, I wil take everything apart and finish welding, plating, and powder coating the parts before re-assembly.












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