July 2010

Some minor but important things have been completed.The first was the canopy release. To comply with the SCTA rule book, the canopy release had to be opened easily from both inside the cockpit and outside the car in case of emergency. After several ideas were considered, I went with a simple spring loaded rod with 2 knobs, One inside and one in front of the canopy.

Sometime the simplest things work best, and this latch has only one moving part. I used a length of 3/8" rod and three long nuts along with a spring. Two of the nuts were welded to the metal of the canopy, the third nut was drilled and tapped and the spring was put on the rod.

A small piece of threaded rod is used to install the outside knob and was tightened on the rod to retain it in the correct position. Now by pulling the knob in front of the driver, or the one on top , the canopy can easly be released.

My next project was to make a push bar.



I had some 1" heavy wall pipe so I used that for the bar. The only point to mount this was the rear axle housing, so I made a couple of brackets to mount on either side of the differential and a plate to connect them and mount the bar.

After installing the brackets and welding the plate, the short piece large diameter pipe was welded to the plate.


This was done for support and to allow for final adjustment before being welded for the last time.

The completed push bar.


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