July 2011




Over the last month, things are progressing a little faster. I took the headers to have them Jet-Hot coated and they did an excellent job. They are located in Burlington NC, just 25 miles from the shop so I had them back in about 5 days. The frame welding was completed and it was painted so I could begin to re-assemble it.


Here is a close-up of the rear axle mount on the frame and the rear axle omunted on the frame.


With the rear axle mounted, I installed the motor and transmission. The yoke in the back of the transmission slips onto the pinion gear in the rear end. The red spacer was made to tie things together and align everything. It was made by cutting the outer driveshaft housing to length and welding a flange from a `38 Buick transmission to it.


I had taken pictures of the shift linkage before I took everything apart, but I still had quite a bit of difficulty putting everything back together and making it work again. I had mixed up the rods and even put the transmission bracket in the wrong location before I figured things out. The first piece on the front end was the spring. It was added to balance the frame on the jack stands. I found out the hard way what happens when you add too much weight to one end.


With the front suspension in place , the aerodynamic stainless shields were installed along with the front hubs.

The dash was added along with the fuel pressure pump, it`s located to the left of the steering wheel.  




The radiator was installed and connected to the water pump which is mounted on the front of the crankshaft.




In the picture above, the surge tank is not installed. It goes between the hose on the radiator an the aluminum "T" on the motor. The radiator is from an`89 Honda Civic. It will connect to a duct that runs under the driver`s seat from an intake under the car.













The chassis is almost completelt asembled and I expect to finish things within the next month, keep checking the website for more up-dates.


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