June 2010


Here are some pictures of the canopy construction.

After measurements were taken, I cut the canopy with a cut-off wheel. Never use anything with teeth to cut plastic or it will split.

It was put on the body to make sure it would fit properly and then trimmed to fit a little better.

Then I took some aluminum and cut 1" strips long enough to fit around the rear of the canopy. They were shaped by hand to fit exactly the contour of the plastic and the outer piece was pre-drilled every 2". The inner piece was shaped in the same way and clamped together on the canopy, centering everything before drilling the first hole.

A screw was inserted in each hole as it was drilled and tightened before the next hole was drilled. This kept everything aligned and tight.

The lower piece was made in the same way, but it was made wider to allow mounting it on the body using quick release pins.

The corner joint was reinforced with another 1" piece and thru bolted to the rear and lower frame sections.

 The rear was left open for some air flow and ventilation.

And this is the completed canopy.

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