June 2007




The tank I used was just over 10 1/2 feet long, and just not long enough to put everything inside. It needed to be lengthened by at least 18", and if I could do it over, it would have been 24". I first had to cut the frame and add the required length, and to do that I found some tubing that had the same outside diameter as the inside diameter as the frame tubes



Everything was tack welded and checked for alignment before being welded for the last time.

With that done, I began work on the tank. The tank was cut at it`s widest point and the pieces placed on the frame at the required distance. To make the contour of the two parts correct, horizontal cuts were made to spread the cut ends and make them more round. I made some temporary ribs for support and put them on a buck I made for the new filler pieces. These were rolled into shape on the English Wheel. Plywood was used to make forms of the shape and size I needed to keep the parts in alignment while everything was welded .



This was also the perfect time to fill the hole left when I removed the attaching point to the airplane. The mounting point of the tank on the aircraft was now the side of the car.