1930 Ford Model A

Lawrence the car

A couple of months ago, I had a customer ask if I would work on a Model A  for him. I told him to bring it to my shop and I would see what I could do. It was not running at the time, so he had it brought it in a roll back truck. When it arrived, it wouldn`t start so we pushed it into our shop. I hooked up the battery charger and while we waited to charge the battery for another attempt to start the car, John, the owner told me he was going to sell the car because of health reasons. He could no longer drive and wanted to sell the car to someone who would take care of it like he had over the years he owned it.

Well, up until that point I had never had a desire to own a Model A, but this car was special. It was in great shape, and needed only a few cosmetic items to make it like new.

We were able to agree on a price that we both thought was fair. When I agreed to buy the car, tears came to his eyes. He really loved this car and it had given him many years of pleasure. He really didn`t want to sell it, but he had no choice.

John was a college professor, and was the type of person who kept a record of everything he did to Lawrence. He named the car after his friend, Lawrence van Zante.

John had made a scrapbook that had the history of the car since he had owned it.

The following pages are from that book.