In 2003, I bought a 1938 Buick that had been sitting for about forty years. After getting it back on the road, I decided that a 1930`s car should look like a car from that period, so I wanted to install sidemount fenders. They were a popular option with salesmen , doctors, and people who did a lot of driving on the poor roads back in the `30s, Tires didn`t last very long and punctures were common because most of the roads in America were still dirt.

        After some time searching the web I came to the realization that I was not going to find everything it would take to do the job. Well, if you can`t get what you want, you just have to make it. I was lucky enough to find a set of wheel covers on E-Bay and I found a left fender at the Charlotte Auto Fair in the spring.

       The first step was to make the Fender Wells that were to go into the fenders. Cutting the holes in the fenders had to be exact, so I spent some time measuring just where to cut so I wouldn`t screw up. Once the hole was cut, the well was fitted into it and welded in place.

        The excess was trimmed off and the joint between the two pieces were .welded together. The brace under the fender was cut and welded to the well for support.

         I next had to make a Bracket To Hold Wheel In Place . This had to be strong to keep the tire in place so I used 1/2" threaded rod. It was now time to have the fender  media blasted before any dents could be fixed. It came back looking like new. A lot of metal work had to be done before the body filler was applied, but it was soon ready to prime . A guide coat was sprayed on.  (A guide coat is a contrasting color, lightly sprayed over the primer so you can tell when you have sanded the surface enough.) Paint was next, the covers were also painted at the same time.

          The only thing left to do was to install the fenders on the car. To remove the old fenders, the bumper, and running boards had to be removed, along with the wiring for the fog lights. The whole job took a couple of weeks, But I think the end result was worth it.      More Pictures