May 2010



After a difficult couple of months, I am working on the car again. Surgery and recovery has kept me from doing anything, but things are improving and things are getting back to normal.This picture is the car outside for the first time. We had to move it so we could use the lift to work on another car and I was able to get this picture from a different angle. Now I`m ready to install the bubble canopy. I had planned to make it myself, but I was able to have one made by a company that makes them for experimental aircraft. If you need to have something like this made, contact Todd`s Canopies.

Not only did he make a quality product, but the price was very reasonable.

I was able to buy three of these for about 1/2 of what I thought one would cost.

in this picture, it`s still wraped in the plastic it was shipped in.

I will make a frame to mount this to the body, but the rear section will have to be cut off at the location of the masking tape seen in this picture. This will allow it to clear the headrest.

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