The Body

Over the last few weeks, I`ve been working on the outer sheet metal. I made the headrest of aluminum and it was time to fit it to the body of the tank, but first I had to cut out the opening for the driver.


After cutting out the opening, I put in an L shaped piece around the inside to give it some support and a lip to allow me to put the canopy support on the body.

This piece was cut out and shaped on the English wheel until it fit the body.

After fitting it to the body I made braces and welded them to the inside of the piece you see in the picture.

The Headrest

When I tried to use the first headrest, It wouldn`t fit over the gas cap and air cleaners because I had made this before the engine and gas tank were installed. I got some more aluminum sheet and made another one that would fit over everything, but it was too tall and didn`t look right, so I took the first one and made it work.

The first thing I did was to remove the air cleaners. This allowed me to lower the profile of the part and make look like it belonged on the body. To allow for ventilation and to look good, I cut out the top and covered the opening with stainless steel mesh and made a trim ring around the opening.

I needed to access the gas cap so I made another trim ring and cut the opening 1/2" smaller than the inside diameter of the ring to give me a lip for the lid to rest on. I beat the lid on the sand bag and smoothed it out on the wheel.

After adding a hinge, this was complete

The next thing will be to make the canopy bubble out of Plexiglass. I will show detailed pictures of this when I have completed it.