The Cooling System

The cooling system on the cars built in the late `40s and `50s used a large water tank instead of a radiator. These would keep things cool long enough to make a run, but wouldn`t allow running the engine for extended periods. I wanted a cooling system that would let me run the engine as long as I wanted. One of the challenges was to locate a radiator in the car so it would actually work. At first I had planned to put it in front of the motor, but when I tried to mount the fan, I didn`t have room for it.

I had already made an inlet scoop that exited under the drivers seat,

so by extending the outlet  to the area behind the seat, I could lay the radiator down under the front of the motor.

The air now enters under the seat, through the radiator and out through the rear vent.

In this picture, my son Steve is welding a neck into the Schlitz can and making the neck for the radiator cap.

What you see in this picture is a Schlitz beer keg from the `60s. I`m using it as a surge tank to give the cooling system more capacity. To the left is the overflow tank.


This is how the headers look now that they`re complete. I had some extra flanges made. Let me know if you need a pair. They are $55.00 + shipping They have a 1" or 1 1/4" exhaust opening and can also be made with a 1 1/2" hole.